Ketosis Symptoms: The Signs To Look For


Ketosis Symptoms

Ketosis symptoms are a results of the ketones released into your blood and urine. When your following a keto diet and your body has no source of carbs, then it will start burning fat stores, which is what causes the release of the ketones. Ketones are poisonous chemicals, much like acetone.

List of Symptoms

Remember that most of these symptoms last for only the first few weeks of ketosis and then go away.

Ketosis breath (bad breath) – This is one of the much more noticeable symptoms that seems to impact everyone who uses a keto diet plan for a short period of time. The reason for it is that your body tries to get rid of excess ketones in your blood through your lungs when you exhale.

Fatigue – You might have trouble falling asleep or feel tired during the day.

Nausea – You might have stomach pain or feel the need to throw up at times.

Headache – Upon entering ketosis you might feel dizzy for a couple days, after which you will find that you have improved concentration and mental alertness.

Feeling Thirsty

Muscle pain/soreness

If at any time you want to stop the symptoms you experience, you can do so immediately by simply eating carbs to exit ketosis. However, your ketosis symptoms will go away after a few weeks as well.